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Can You Run a House on Solar Energy Alone?

Going off the grid has become a popular idea for eco-conscious homeowners wanting to reduce their carbon footprint to help our environment. For some homeowners, this means using sustainable sources for a large volume of their power needs. And, for others, this means being completely self-sustaining, including not using any energy sources other than your […]

How Does Solar Energy Work?

When you go outside on a sunny day, you can feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face. You open your curtains and blinds to let the sun’s rays brighten your home. Direct use of the sun’s energy can create light or a source of heat. A magnifying glass can capture the sun’s rays […]

Solar Power: a Renewable Source of Energy

Your passion is living a sustainable lifestyle to help improve our planet’s environment. From the foods you choose for your family to eat, and the clothes you wear, in every aspect of your lives you try to be eco-friendly. One of the biggest concerns you have is being able to use clean energy sources to […]