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As the cost of residential utility services continues to rise, Nevada homeowners, like you, are searching for less expensive choices.

You also want your home’s energy to be environmentally-friendly.

With many years’ experience in the industry, Let’s Go Solar has worked with hundreds of Nevada homeowners, like yourself, to lower their utility costs by converting their homes to solar energy.

With a residential solar energy system, you can significantly cut your reliance on obtaining your heating and electricity from high-priced utility companies.

At the same time, you are also reducing your carbon footprint.

Not only are you as a resident concerned about the environment, but the state of Nevada is taking the problem seriously, too.


Solar energy as a renewable energy source

Legislatures are working on ways to lower the overall energy use of non-renewable sources. Ballot Question 6, the Renewable Energy Standards Initiative, was approved on November 2018 as a first step to amend the state’s Constitution. With a final vote slated for 2020, if the amendment is passed the state will be required to use 50% renewable energy sources by 2030.

Solar energy is at the forefront of renewable energy sources. Let’s Go Solar, and our customers can be proud to say, we are a part of our state’s movement towards the use of greener energy sources, and a cleaner, healthier environment.

Solar energy system

Let’s Go Solar makes it easy to transfer your home from traditional heating and electricity options to energy-efficient solar, working with you each step of the way.

• Available financing,
• Professional installation,
• Maintenance services,

Each solar energy system is custom-fitted to the unique design layout of your home and your personal lifestyle needs.

Contact Let’s Go Solar today to learn more about how our solar energy systems can make your home’s energy supply eco-friendly, and to help create a brighter tomorrow for our planet!

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Now is the time to gain freedom from your utility and receive predictable rates for years to come.
There’s a reason solar energy companies are so hot right now. Imagine locking in low electricity rates. Sounds pretty great, right? No wonder every six minutes someone installs a Sunrun solar energy system. That means hundreds of thousands of happy customers benefiting from clean energy and lifetime support. Together, we’re creating a planet run by the sun. Now’s the time to go solar!

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